Oct 6, 2020
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Tribute to an Inspirational Lady : Enid Rose Weir

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Enid Rose Weir is a talented singer, songwriter, poet and author, whose gifts have led her to perform at events both nationally and internationally. She is married, has 5 children and lives in Birmingham, England.

Born in Clarendon, Jamaica, Enid has been singing since the age of 4. A bright student at school, whose formal education ended prematurely after the 1951 hurricane, in which her family lost everything. She was then sent to live with other relatives and returned to the country life that she loved four years later. After training to become a dress maker Enid came to England in 1960 and worked for 7 years at Weir’s Grocery, the only Jamaican grocer shop located in the Birchfield area of Birmingham. Following this she volunteered to run the kitchen at W.E.L.D. (Westminster Education Liaison Development) Community Centre in Wilson Road, Birchfield. Enid went on to work for Birmingham Social Services as a Home Help in the community and surrounding areas for 13 years until retiring on the grounds of ill health. In 1991 she became a born again Christian.

Around 1995, during her time of illness, she began composing and made a home recording with her guitar and tape recorder of some of her songs. The response to this was amazing and she received many encouraging letters and telephone calls from around Birmingham. One morning in February of 1999, whilst reading ‘The Word for Today‘ she read the following, “Think of what is left of your life and what you are doing about it.” Enid did not read any further, that was the wake up call that she needed. This led her to fast and pray about recording her songs professionally. During the first two days of her fast, she met Ray Harris who pointed her to the Kingship Recording and Production Studio. Six months later her debut cassette album was launched with six songs on Wednesday 22nd September 1999 when she was 61 years old. The batch of cassettes sold quickly and swiftly led to Enid recording two more songs to make up the songs for her first CD album, launched on 22nd July 2000. Shrouded in a fusion of Country & Western, Reggae, Calypso and Traditional Gospel music, Enid’s timeless and uplifting lyrics are elegantly delivered by her soothing, serene tones, as stated by Mike Rimmer in the Cross Rhythms magazine Enid’s songs have the power to encourage and stir.” And indeed she has received a number of written testimonies attesting to the influence of her music and its ability to uplift and hearten.

The title track from her debut album Keeping my eyes on the cross,” landed 16 letters on the desk of Frank Wappat the first time it was played on his weekly Gospel Show that was broadcast by BBC Newcastle. It went on to be the most requested song by a female artiste for the year 2000 on the Frank Wappat Gospel Show and was used as the trailer for his programme. From the success of this CD and video Enid went on to release her second album “He’s my guiding light,” on 11th August 2001 and her third album “Forgive, love and live,” with the infamous “Banana Song” on 10th November 2007 on her 70th Birthday. She has sung at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, The Barclay Card Arena in Birmingham, Birmingham Town Hall and Council House, at Gospel events in the UK, USA and Canada and honoured an invitation to sing on a Caribbean cruise ship in September 2007. Today her music continues to be aired on local, European and North American radio stations.

After her second and third albums, Enid became a volunteer for the Asantoa Foundation, fund raising for missions in Ghana whist singing at many charitable fund raising events for other organisations. She designed and produced “The Banana Walk” t-shirts and other merchandise which raised finance to support needy families in Jamaica. Truly dedicated to the cause of helping others, Enid performed at Christian Aid events linked to projects in Jamaica and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Doors continued to open allowing Enid to deliver Caribbean cultural sessions in local day nurseries, schools, Adult Reading and Seniors Groups. After performing at an International Women’s Event, Enid was asked to conduct a series of educational sessions for Birmingham Community Libraries, in which she told stories using the poems in her book “The History of Jamaican Country Life.” On the 24th October 2010 she honoured to receive a Local Hero Award for her charity work, presented to her at the Association of Jamaican Nationals Gala Dinner. In 2012 she featured in the ‘Jamaica 50 exhibition’ created by Kingsway Project at Bham Museum and Arts Gallery.

Enid Rose Weir was an outstanding, inspirational woman, who with the help of her family and throughout the illness of her husband Ronald, radiated excellence and truly blossomed in the mature season of her life. She is resting in the peace of her Saviour Jesus Christ as her works will continue to bless many lives.




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