Jun 14, 2015
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Caribbean Soldiers in WW1: Exhibition in 2014

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Caribbean Soldiers in WW1  2014- 2015

We dedicated this work a calendar and exhibition to all soldiers who fought, and continue to fight to give us the freedom we now have.

World War One (WW1) which was 1914-1918 is also known as the Great War. In mainstream media’s portrayal of WW1 and WW2 black soldiers are missing in action when it comes to interviews, documentaries, parades and war movies. This pale version of history then gives those who watch it the conscious and subconscious view that black people had nothing to do with any of the wars but remember, We were There’.

The Great War was not a European War fought exclusively by Europeans. There were many nationalities that came under the great British Empire at that time. Asian, West African, Canadian, Australian, Chinese and Caribbean soldiers they contributed resources and their lives to the War, so yes, ‘We were There’.

To understand the support given by African and Caribbean countries during WW1 it is important to recognise the global influence of the British Empire. 

During both world wars the Caribbean region was important to Britain, as thousands of people from the region joined the British forces to work and fight for the ‘mother country’. West Indian and African loyalty to the British Empire remained strong throughout both world wars.

This work  displayed in libraries and a variety of community spaces across the West Midlands. There are ten,  A3, display panels, an accompanying booklet and work sheets that can be purchased, for more details contact info@kingswayproject.org.


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