Jan 27, 2019
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Windrush : Dementia sessions using items from the past to generate conversation.

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Kingsway Project has held Windrush sessions with seniors with dementia using items from the past, to reminiscence generating conversation.

‘Reminiscence’ means sharing life experiences, memories and stories from the past. A person with dementia is more able to recall things from many years ago than recent memories, so reminiscence draws on this strength.  The goal of reminiscence therapy is to help seniors with dementia feel valued, contented, and peaceful.

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Kingsway Project

    Kingsway Project is a voluntary organisation, with strong evidence of effectively working with Youths, Women’s groups and Seniors successfully by conducting community events, training and consultations. Our aim is to enhance cohesion, and empower the community to be active citizens through community events, education and training.

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