May 25, 2018
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Windrush 70 Stamps produced in 2018

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The journey of the Windrush Stamps.

01 Tue May, 2018

The stamps were commissioned and designed by Kingsway Project, then approved and produced by Royal Mail as part of our Windrush 70 Celebration in 2018.

The official launch of the Windrush Stamps 70 and our Activity Book was held on Friday 11 May 2018 in the Chamberlain Room at  The Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham at 1.30pm – 3.30pm

In attendance we had a local Councillor, members of the community, BBC Midlands Today and the Phoenix Newspaper.  Pupils from  some of the local schools participated in a ‘Design A Mug Competition’ for school pupils, to commemorate Windrush 70.  The winner was announced at the launch and their design was displayed at a local library. The winning artwork was also one of the designs for the Windrush 70 commemorative mug collection. 

The Windrush 70 Project also included producing:

A Windrush Activity Book

Large and small Windrush exhibitions across the UK in museums, community spaces, shopping centres, schools, churches and libraries.

Being a part of the committee organising the Windrush service at Westminster Abbey

Producing a Windrush short video to inform people of Windrush and for community engagement sessions held across the UK

Producing a book with the story of seniors who came to the UK from 1948 with reflections from the first to fourth generation

Visiting and working with Tilbury Docks

Producing, tea towels, jigsaw puzzles, postcards, fridge magnets and mugs as commemorative pieces

The Journey of the Windrush Stamps

In 2018 the request to Royal Mail for a commemorative stamps to mark the 70th anniversary of the Windrush voyage was rejected.

A parliamentary petition for the stamps was declined as it was not considered a matter for the government.

However, in 2018, Royal mail had a project for companies to design and have customised stamps.  This provided Kingsway Project with the opportunity to commission the Windrush 70 Royal Mail stamps.

The production of these Windrush stamps in 2018 marked 70 years of Windrush, commemorating and preserving its rich and fascinating legacy for future generations.

The Journey of the Windrush Stamp 2018

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