May 18, 2020
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Mental Health Awareness

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Paul Grey released his new CD EP, But I Fly on Monday 16th March. The Inspiration behind the song comes from his experience 30 years ago when he went into the mental health system aged 20, often via the police. In the mental health unit, he would be put on medication and placed in a seclusion cell. Today Paul is married with 3 children, runs his own business and leads a church in Wolverhampton, UK.

But I Fly – Testimony Mix is a song of reflection and tells of Paul’s personal transformation after the struggle. Like the transformational process of a caterpillar into a butterfly, the song takes you through the process. This song is for all those going through some form of struggle; in particular those going through, or have gone through mental health issues in our community. There is hope and Reggae Music has a big role to play in restoring healing and wellbeing!

CD EPs by Paul Grey:


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