Jun 14, 2012
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Jamaica 50 exhibition in 2012

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Jamaica 50
This exhibition was created and developed by the Kingsway Project in just six weeks. It was one of the largest exhibitions dedicated to celebrating Jamaica in the UK. It gave an introduction to the history and heritage of Jamaica. It mentioned the heroes and symbols for Jamaica and explored older people’s experiences of Jamaica Independence Day in 1962 and their stories of coming to settle in Birmingham. It emphasised the achievements of famous Jamaican people across many areas, including people such as Mary Seacole.

The exhibition illustrated that Jamaica is made up of a mix of cultures and that migration is not an issue for just Jamaicans. In Birmingham, London and places around the UK there are large multicultural community where we still have people migrating into the communities, and the shared experiences that they may have with those who came here in the 1960s, such as different food, language and weather.

This work was displayed at Bham Museum and Art Gallery, Sandwell Gallery, Tilbury Docks Essex, in libraries and a variety of community spaces across the UK.  There are fifteen A3, display panels, an accompanying booklet and work sheets that can be purchased, for more details contact info@kingswayproject.org.



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