Sep 15, 2019
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Calendar 2020 Black British Inspirational People on sale

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Black British Inspirational People – 2020 Calendar – by Kingsway Project

This calendar aims to inform you about black people who are inspirational and have been or are trailblazers.

At every point in history black people have lived, worked and travelled in Britain. Black British history is much older than most people realise. Evidence like the fossil of the Cheddar Man from 10,000 years ago, Beachy Head Woman, and the Ivory Bangle Lady inform us there has been a black presence in Britain since the third century, when Britain and North Africa were part of the same Roman Empire. 

  • Printed on quality 170gsm silk paper
  • Stapled to flip over for each month, with punched hanging holes
  • A4 Landscape – Easy view one month to each page
  • 2021 calendar on the rear page
  • Images, quotations and facts about black British history on each page – 18 pages
  • Date in blocks, with important UK dates, including Windrush Day and the May Day Bank Holiday on the 8th May to commemorate VE day.

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