About Us

Kingsway Project is a voluntary organisation, with strong evidence of effectively working with Youths, Women’s groups and Seniors successfully by conducting community events, training and consultations. The Project also has a facilitating role, liaising, co-ordinating, and promoting shared activities to ensure that local people have a say in housing, community safety, heritage, leisure, play services, social care and health provision. Our aim is to enhance cohesion, and empower the community to be active citizens through community events, education and training.

Our regular activities includes free workshops throughout the year on self esteem, confidence building, money management and healthy living, delivered to individuals and small groups in the community. We organise activities for youths and people in the community especially during the school holidays and have a facilitating role, liaising, co-ordinating, and promoting shared activities with local people.  The project has substantial experience of organising events and working to tight deadlines.

Our work has broadened to produce successful, attractive, informative work in the form of exhibitions, displays and booklets such as:

  • ‘Jamaica 50,’ which was displayed at the Bham Museum and Arts Gallery in 2012. Smaller panels were produced and were on tour in Walsall, Sandwell, Derby, Edinburgh, etc.
  • ‘ Caribbean through a Lens’, this work was commissioned by the National Archives. It was on tour in 9 libraries across the West Midlands and continues to be displayed at libraries, schools, colleges and community groups.
  • Windrush 70 Project,  a Royal Mail stamp was commissioned by Kingsway Project to celebrate Windrush70.  Other activities include:
  • Community people attending visits organised by Kingsway Project to Tilbury Docks, to see the site where the Empire Windrush docked in 1948.
  • Being a part of the committee organising the Windrush service at Westminster Abbey.
  • Produced  free Windrush Activity books which were widely distributed to schools, community organisations and local people.
  • Created and developed large and small Windrush exhibitions across the UK
  • Young people from the project produced a short Windrush  video Kingsway Project – Windrush 70 & Beyond
  • Published a book with over 40 stories from local seniors who came to the UK from 1948

The ethos of Kingsway Project is to work strategically and collaboratively with stakeholders such as: statutory agencies, faith groups, businesses, community groups, a wide range of partners (Police, Fire service, Midland Heart, NHS, etc) and individuals of differing ages and cultures to bring about change for the community.

Contact us at info@kingswayproject.org, or send us an email via our Contact page.  We also welcome donations to keep this vital work going – they can be made using the Paypal button below.

Kingsway Project was formally formed on 20 September 2005. We work with individuals and groups to share ideas and resources.    We work strategically and collaboratively to bring about change for the community. To find out more about getting involved, please contact us info@kingswayproject.org